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LIFE*SPIN is one of the longest established and most respected Community Economic Development (CED) organizations serving low-income citizens in Ontario.

The mission of LIFE*SPIN is to provide information and support for individuals surviving on low-incomes, and to support the empowerment and self-development of these individuals in their efforts to attain self-sufficiency.

In addition to providing front-line services for mediation, referrals for services, homelessness prevention programs, and public legal educational resources, LIFE*SPIN launched a CED housing initiative. We invite your support for our work: finding solutions beyond emergency relief of poverty.

LIFE*SPIN is a registered charity that was formed in London by sole-support mothers in 1989 for the alleviation of poverty. Project funding and direct donations support our work. 

  • LIFE*SPIN provides information, support and community-based programs to low-income Londoners.
  • Our front-line services deal with the immediate crises and problems faced by low-income people.
  • With the 21% cuts to social assistance, there is an even greater need for our services.
  • LIFE*SPIN is looking at long term strategic solutions to the problem of poverty.

We offer a "Free Store", where local residents in need can pick up household items, clothes, coats, shoes, toys, books, and even furniture. This service is offered Thursdays from 10am to 2pm.



Free Store

-open Monday and Wednesday, 10 am to 2 pm and Tuesday from 3 to 7pm

-free clothes & household items

-information & resources

-new backpacks & school supplies (while supplies last)

Volunteer Income Tax Program                                                             (by appointment M-T-W from 9:30am-noon)

We are pleased to have Len Roozen assisting anyone who needs income taxes completed for the current and/or prior tax years, as part of the Canada Revenue Agency’s Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP). Help is also available under the CVITP at various other locations throughout London during the spring tax season. Our service for preparing taxes is by appointment only, so call LIFE*SPIN (519) 438-8676 to book an appointment time. Please note: if you do not have your “Notice of Assessment” for the last year you filed, please call 1-800-959-8281 to request a printout.

Large Item Donor Registry:

-We match donors of furniture & appliances with people who need them

-we do not pick up items, but clients are asked to make these arrangements before registering for this service

Office of the Community Advocate

For more than 20 years, LIFE*SPIN has been the only organization in the London area that provides specialized assistance to ALL individuals in obtaining government benefits to which they may be entitled, such as OAS, GIS, EI, Canada Pension Plan, Ontario Works, subsidized housing, and provincial disability supports and benefits. This is a critical service to the unemployed, the under-employed, those with limited literacy skills, disabilities and mental health challenges. We also refer folk to neighbourhood resources or other specialized agencies that can assist specific clientele with some of these services.

LIFE*SPIN Community Housing Initiative:

-permanent affordable housing

-10 residential units (no vacancy)

-5 commercial units (no vacancy)

-we work with guardians, support workers, Ontario Works & Ontario Disability Support Program

Christmas Sponsorship Program

-matches families in need to sponsor families, classes, businesses, etc, to provide Christmas gifts and food

-provides charitable tax receipts for donated gifts, if requested

Public Legal Education

-hosts public legal education workshops

-produces plain-language information materials regarding poverty issues and legislative changes

-provides presentations and systemic consultations on low income issues.

Building Common Ground: Old East Common

Our CED Housing Initiative was featured at the FCM Conference in Halifax several years ago, as we initiated low-income housing using a Community Economic Development (CED) model, at a time when there was no provincial or federal housing funding.  There was a bungalow on the adjacent property that was beyond repair, so we had it removed. We have been working with neighbours in the depressed area where we are located to design a community park space "Old East Common".  In order to provide this space to the community - as a component of CED objectives to use local and available resources to generate social, environmental and economic benefits - it is essential to incorporate water efficiency as a tool to mitigate the economic and environmental impact of using an area for community gardens. We developed an innovative drainage system to take the storm water off the flat roof of our building to the park, and are currently researching pathway construction to accommodate walkers, strollers and wheelchairs.

The Living Room

As the CED Housing Initiative becomes more sustainable, we are able to offer increased space to the community for programming important to the basic quality of life for citizens who struggle in poverty.  These programs are designed and operated by the community.  Current programming includes: Women’s art therapy, children’s activities, summer day-camp program, and various workshops such as hearing testing and dental consultations.  Over the past year LIFE*SPIN has hosted more than 40 information-sharing workshop for public legal education, health care and health promotion, nutrition and social activities. Numerous neighbourhood and community groups utilize this community space for activities and events.

Revenue Canada Annual Report

Charitable Tax Number: 891967069 RR0001

LIFE*SPIN is a registered charity, which annually files reports with Canada Revenue Agency. For the last 3 years reports click on the following link:

Charity Listing: Canada Revenue Agency

Please check Board Members 2016 for a current listing of our Board of Directors.  The Revenue Canada listing in the above link is for our fiscal year-end of December 2014. The year ending December 31, 2015 was filed with CRA by June 30, 2016, as required.  

Donations can also be made on-line through canadahelps.org  They also file annually with Canada Revenue Agency and you can access their reports at:  Canada Helps Financial Reports

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