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Slowly but surely, and with help from donors and volunteers, Life*Spin has transformed a heritage building in Old East Village into a neighbourhood hub

 By Randy Richmond, The London Free Press

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

"The paint’s been scraped and the 130-year-old stained glass underneath restored.

The roof has been turned into a solar power and money generator, and rain collector for the garden below.

The once-empty units boast a bakery and bakery workshop, a store and a community meeting room.

From an eyesore to a neighbourhood treasure, the transformation of the LifeSpin building on Dundas Street has already garnered awards and will now end up guiding other projects in the area.

The agency that helps low-income Londoners has created a combination social enterprise/affordable housing complex/environmentally friendly, heritage meeting place."

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The Little Agency That Could

Old East Common - Grand Opening May 27

Garden party to honour contributors

COMMUNITY: Neighbours made the Old East Common what it is today

The thing that catches my eye is the weathered wooden highchair.

Amid the trees, the shed, the garden bed, the benches and the basketball net, the highchair's presence in this tiny park seems curious.

It turns out a local resident used the highchair as an infant. And after his mother died, the man carried it into this little green space and left it here as a memorial. And that prompted a few other neighbours to start bringing in plants and bushes to honour the memory of their late loved ones.

In many ways, that chair is a perfect symbol of this little green space.

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Western Serves

A campus-wide program designed to increase awareness about service-learning, and provide Western students, staff and faculty with an opportunity to spend time together, engaged in active service in the London community. For the past three years LIFE*SPIN has taken part in Wetern Serves and volunteers have helped ready Old East Commons for planting and also planted 20 trees with ReForest London. Here are a few pictures of Western students working hard at LIFE*SPIN. Many hands make light work.

Western Serves: "A (facebook) group for us to remember the best service learning day ever! " 



Christmas Sponsorship Video

This video details a bit about our Christmas Sponsorship program

Christmas Sponsorship Video on YouTube

Imagine Canada


LIFE*SPIN is a member of the Imagine Canada's Ethical Code Program.
Charities that participate in this Program have a made a commitment to an extensive set of standards and accountability measures. MacLeans Magazine featured these charities in the summer 2010 supplement edition.



Kimberly Rogers Inquest Alerts

Kimberly Rogers Inquest - Tues. Nov. 26, 2002 - Day 26
Ontario Social Safety NetWork (OSSN) Summary

Jacqueline Thompson, Executive Director of LIFE*SPIN in London (Low Income Families Empowerment Sole Support Parents Information Network) was called to the stand as an expert witness by the Ontario Social Safety NetWork (OSSN) and the Steering Committee on Social Assistance (SCSA).


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  Heritage Restoration becomes Community Hub (LFP)

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