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Parental Support Programs

Residential & Community Programs & Services


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Parenting Resources

For a child or youth with complex needs to access support services in London, a parent, guardian or case manager must call:


750-171 Queens Ave

London, ON N6A 5J7

Tel: 519-438-4783

Toll free: 1-877-480-2726/ Fax:1-877-462-1509

Fax: 519-673-1509
Email: info@cscn.on.ca



714 York St.

London, ON

N5W 2S8
Tel: 519-432-2209

24 hr. Crisis: 519-433-0334

Email: ways@ways.on.ca

  • WAYS helps children, youth, and families discover their unique strengths and reach their full potential. Our mandate includes residential, non-residential, and justice programs supporting all age groups, including adults, in London, Chatham, and other communities in Southwestern Ontario. 

Craigwood Youth Services

520 Hamilton Rd

London, ON

N5Z 1S4

CRISIS LINE: 519-433-0334

Tel: 519-432-2623

Fax: 519-432-8964 

  •  Craigwood provides both residential and community programs for youth ages 12-18, dealing with issues pertaining to emotional/mental health, drugs and alcohol, anger management, etc. Early intervention services, and family counseling, also available. Entry into residential programs are arranged through CSCN. Tel: 519-438-4783.

Learning Disabilities Association

101-333 Horton Street

London, ON N6B 1L5

Tel: 519-438-6213

Fax: 519-438-0368

Open: Monday-Thursday 10:00 am to 6:00 pm; Friday by appointment


  •  This organization offers a resource centre and tutoring for children with learning disabilities. There is usually a waiting list for tutors. Costs include membership and tutoring fees. The membership fee must be paid; however, the tutoring fees can be waived.

871 Trafalgar St.

London, ON

N5Z 1E6

Tel: 519-433-3101

Fax: 519-433-1302

Email: askvanier@vanier.com


  •  Works with emotionally disturbed children and youth 0-14 years old. Referrals are taken from parents, doctors, court, CAS, etc.

Child & Parent Resource Institute

600 Sanitorium Road

London, ON

N6H 3W7

Tel: 519-858-2774

Fax: 519-858-3913

Toll Free: 1-877-494-2774

Teletype: 519-858-0257


  • The Child and Parent Resource Institute (CPRI) provides a variety of highly specialized services to children and youth 0 – 18  years of age (and families)  with  complex mental health and/or developmental challenges.  Services include assessment, treatment, consultation, education and research.  They provide outpatient services to clients who come for scheduled appointments here at CPRI.  They also provide service to clients in their own community.  Community services are scheduled similar to scheduled appointments but do occur in the client's community. 

    They also have 7 residential units on site where they provide residential services.  Residential units vary by bed capacity (from 6 to 12), age, sex and needs of clients served on the unit.  They provide residential services on a short term basis so children/youth are out of their home community for the least amount of time possible.

    There are no costs for programs. However, live-in programs are arranged through CSCN. 

Parenting Resources


Parent/Child Resource Centre

265 Maitland St.

London, ON

N6B 2Y3

Tel: 519-434-3644

Fax: 519-434-3288

Email: info@childreach.on.ca

  •  Education, support and outreach offered to children and their families. Child Reach offers a variety of workshops to help parents. Call or look online to find out what is currently available. There is a fee for workshops, however, subsidies are sometimes available for low-income families---just let them know that you need one. 
  • Child Reach also runs a toy library http://childreach.on.ca/toy-library/

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