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Complaint Procedure

Life Spins Complaint Procedure

If an individual has a complaint based on a policy of LIFE*SPIN the following steps shall be taken.

1. Discussion

The individual who is making the grievance or feels they have a personal conflict must first make a reasonable attempt to resolve the issue. When meeting, the individuals involved will ensure privacy and not expose other employees, volunteers or the public to their discussions.

2. Mediation

If the issue is not resolved between the parties to their satisfaction regarding the complaint/conflict, either party may request a confidential meeting with the Executive Director. The purpose of the meeting will be to determine that all parties are willing to attempt a mediated settlement, and identify a mutually satisfactory mediator.

Mediation will not be recorded in any volunteer personnel files. Agreements reached through mediation will be copied and distributed to the individuals involved in the agreement.

3. Formal Complaint

An individual submitting a formal complaint will present in writing to the Executive Director noting the specific reasons for complaint. The Executive Director will be expected to take appropriate action. The individual who initiated the complaint will receive a written response noting, in an appropriate level of detail the action taken.

In cases where the Executive Director is party to the complaint/conflict, the steps outlined above will be followed, except that it will be the Chair of the Personnel Committee who will receive a copy of the written complaint and take appropriate action.

On administrative issues the decision of the Executive Director or Personnel Committee is final, subject to the right of the individual to appeal to the Board of Directors. Any decision will be communicated to the parties in writing and a copy placed in our records.

4. Appeal

On policy issues, if the individual feels they have not had a fair hearing, they may arrange a meeting with the Chair of the Personnel Committee, through the Executive Director, who is charged with the responsibility of arranging the requested meeting within a reasonable period of time. If the complaint/ appeal involves the Executive Director the individual will arrange a meetingdirectly with the Chair of the Personnel Committee. If not resolved at this level, the employee or the Chair of the Personnel Committee may bring the matter, in written form, to the attention of a Co-Chair of the Board of Directors. The Co-Chair will review the matter with the Board of Directors, which is empowered to make a final and binding decision. 

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