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Affordable Housing Resources/Support

Physical Disabilities

Psychiatric Supportive Housing

Emergency Housing

Emergency Shelters


“Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services…” Article 25, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948,Canada).

In October 1995, the Ontario Government headed up by Premier Mike Harris’ Conservative Party, cut shelter allowances to people on social assistance by 21.6%. Since then, the number of people in London spending more than 50% of their monthly income on shelter has risen dramatically, as have the numbers of people facing homelessness due to lack of affordable housing. “Affordable housing” is shelter which costs a person 30% or less of their monthly income. It does not take into account housing which is safe & secure, healthy, and free of extra costs, like heat, water and hydro. The number of people spending over 50% of income on keeping shelter often face choosing between paying for food, or paying for rent. The largest group of Londoners paying 50% or more for shelter is made up of single people and single parent families. After the cuts in 1995, there were almost 15,000 people in London paying more than 50% of income or rent – and 75% of those people were either sole-parents or single persons. In 2000, the vacancy rate in London dropped to 3% - the percentage of affordable rental units from those available being a small fraction of that 3%. People living on fixed incomes in this city often live in conditions that are dangerous and unattended to by landlords, just to keep a roof over their heads. Emergency shelter use in London has risen over 20% in the last five years, and in March 2000 these were 3225 people on the waiting list for social housing in this city. The Ontario government is in the process of selling off provincially owned social housing projects, and seizing the homes owned by persons receiving assistance. It seems our “right” to an “adequate standard of living” that provides for the necessities in life, including housing, has been overturned. We are in a housing crisis.

This chapter on housing includes resources that might be helpful to you in securing safe, affordable housing.


 Often the best bet to finding affordable, well-maintained housing is through word of mouth. If you are looking, your network of friends, family and neighbours can help spread the word to find you a suitable home. Often good-deal apartments never make it to the newspaper because they get passed from one friend to the next. Newspapers, available for free to read at your local library, have daily listings. If you have internet access, check out the listings at http://london.kijiji.ca/f-real-estate-apartments-condos-W0QQAdTypeZ2QQCatIdZ37.


London and Middlesex Housing Corporation (LMHC)

379 Dundas St. Suite 207
N6B 1V5
Tel: (519)-434-2765
Fax: (519)-679-7000
Monday to Friday
8:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
1:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.


  •  A non-profit corporation which provides subsidized housing for the city of London and the county of Middlesex. The largest provider of rent-geared-to-income housing in the London-Middlesex area. They have apartments in London, Strathroy, Dorchester, Newbury, Parkhill, and Glencoe. They also offer townhouses for families in London, Strathroy, and Newbury.
  • Application Form
  • Applications to London rent-geared-to income housing co-op units are processed through this office. Acceptance to housing is based on need. Units are available for families, seniors, physically and developmentally challenged, low-income earners, sole-support parents, and individuals discharged from psychiatric care. Waiting lists are long.



Suite 203-379 Dundas St.


N6B 1V5

Tel: (519)-434-3344

Fax: (519)-434-8999


The housing registry assists people on fixed or low incomes to find affordable housing in the private market.


Habitat For Humanity
5-40 Pacific Court
London, Ontario N5V 3K4

Tel: (519) 659-1949 ext. 225

317 Adelaide Street South
London, Ontario N5Z 3L3

Tel: (519) 659-1949 ext.281

  • A non-profit organization that sells new and used building and renovating materials and supplies between 50-80% below regular cost.  They helps to provide home ownership to low-income people through low-cost home construction. A family or individuals applying for home ownership through this organization must meet certain criteria, including at least one individual in the household being fully employed. Applicants, who would not normally qualify for bank mortgages due to low incomes, are expected to carry the mortgage of the land, while materials to build the house are donated. You can preview the criteria at http://habitat4home.ca/own-a-habitat-home/criteria


Housing Stability Support Bank


  The Bank provides an interest-free loan to assist tenants to maintain safe and affordable housing while avoiding eviction.  This can be for rent or utilities arrears, or they may provide a loan for last month's rent. Applicants must meet income criteria and have paid back any previous loans. You will be required to set up direct payments for a minimum of 1-year. Occasionally, they have short-term grant money to use, instead of loans, however they are depleted very quickly.


LIFE*SPIN CED Housing Initiative

10 units of permanent affordable housing in a beautiful heritage building.  Tenants, neighbours and local businesses work together to create an inner city oasis in our backyard.  There is nowhere else quite like this ~waiting list application available Mon-Wed from 10:00 to 4:00.



LIFE*SPIN Large Item Donor Registry

866-A Dundas St.


M5W 2Z7



If you have large items, furniture or appliances, to donate..call LIFE*SPIN and get the contact info for a family that needs the item(s) you are offering and who can make arrangements to pick them up.  If you need large items, call LIFE*SPIN to register your needs - you must be able to make arrangements to pick up the items. All items must go directly from donor to recipient.


Daily Bread

472 Richmond St. (behind St.Paul's)






  • The Daily Bread Food Bank provides a three day emergency food supply to individuals and families who live in poverty and are unable to meet their food needs. They are open Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. to noon. They provide referrals to other supportive community agencies, as needed. Their caring volunteers provide one on one contact with each person seeking support. In part this contact includes time for conversation and listening as they support each person who accesses their program.
  • The Fellowship Centre is open each Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It provides a hot lunch time meal to individuals over 20 years of age who are living in poverty, seeking nourishment and a warm, safe place to connect with others.

St.Vincent de Paul

(15 Churches with varied assistance)


Contact the secretary of any Catholic Church to arrange a home visit from a volunteer to discuss needs * furniture voucher may be issued




London Abused Women's Centre

797 York Street - Unit 5


N5W 6A8

Tel: (519)-432-2204

Fax: (519) 679-3918

Email: info@lawc.on.ca


  • The London Abused Women's Centre offers abused women hope and help for their hurt through the provision of advocacy, counseling and support services in a safe, non-crisis, non-residential setting.



Ontario March of Dimes
920 Commissioners Road East
N5Z 3J1
Tel: (519)-642-3999

Toll-free: 1-866-496-8603

Fax: (519)-642-7665

  • Helps people with disabilities find accessible, affordable housing. Provides tenants and landlords with educational services regarding accessibility issues. Consultants and presentations of 'barrier free' designs are available to the public.
  • Open Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Home and Vehicle Modification Program (HVMP)
291 King Street, 3rd Floor
London, ON N6B 1R8
Tel: 519-642-3700
Toll-free: 1-877-369-4867
Fax: 519-432-4923

Assistive Devices Program
291 King Street, 3rd Floor
London, ON N6B 1R8
Tel: 519-642-3700
Toll-free: 1-866-765-7237
Fax: 519-434-3712


Cheshire Homes of London INC.
2-1111 Elias St.
N5W 5L1
Tel: (519)-439-4246 Ext. 231

Fax: (519)-439-4815
WATTS: 1-800-265-4758
General Inquiries:  cheshire.info@cheshirelondon.ca


  • Provides housing and attendant services for physically disabled adults eighteen years and over in various locations throughout the city. Rent is geared to income. 24-hour attendant services available. Wheelchair accessibility. Self-referrals accepted.


Participation House

101-620 Colborne Street


N6B 3R9

Tel: (519)-660-6635

Fax: (519)-660-1654


  • Participation House supports individuals with developmental disabilities and/or complex physical needs to live in their own homes, participate in community and enjoy life with family and friends. 24-hour support services.

St. Joseph's Hospice
485 Windermere Road

P.O. Box 487

N6A 4X3
Tel: (519)-432-3781


  •  St. Joseph's Hospice provides community based palliative and bereavement care to people living in London and the immediate surrounding area.


Canadian Mental Health Association

Housing Advocate: 648 Huron St.






  • A number of different agencies in London provide support to people with a mental illness. Supports may include: one-to one assistance, brief connections, community support, housing assistance, counseling, peer support, employment or education upgrading, recreational and leisure activities.




The Salvation Army Centre of Hope
281 Wellington Street
N6B 2L4




  • Co-ed short-term stay facility for youth ages 16-21 (14 & 15 year olds may be able to stay but contacts to parents or C.A.S will be made). Identification is required, but assistance will be given to youth who don't have I.D. to enable them to get some. 



457 York St.

N6B 1V7

Tel: (519)-439-7700



  • Streetscape offers a coffee house & access to crash beds for people who are homeless and those with psychiatric support needs who are homeless or in unsafe housing.



Women's Community House

101 Wellington Rd. South


N6C 4M7






  • There are a total of 67 beds available at two shelter locations and there is no charge for your stay. While in the shelter, women can receive counselling and are offered programs such as personal safety planning and moving toward a life free of violence. Specialized programs for children who have witnessed violence are also available.




  • Emergency housing, second stage housing and transitional support for abused women and their children. They offer accommodation, counselling, and a 24-hour helpline.


Rotholme Women's & Family Shelter
42 Stanley St.
N6C 1B1
Tel: (519)-673-4114
Fax: (519)-673-4117


  •  A 41-bed facility that primarily accommodates families (two parent and single parent families, both male and female led). Single women who have no other shelter options may also reside at Rotholme Women's & Family Shelter. The length of stay varies from one day to several weeks. 24-hour emergency admission is provided for families and single women age 16 and over, who are homeless and in need of temporary emergency accommodation, and are in crisis and require emergency shelter and care. 


Zhaawanong Shelter
343 Richmond St. Ste 109

N0L 2G0
Tel: (519)-432-2270

Crisis: (519)-432-0122


  • Offers transitional housing for abused First Nations women, and their children under eighteen.


Joseph's House: Cross Cultural Learners Centre
505 Dundas St.
N6B 1W4
Tel: (519)

Fax: (519)-438-2196



  • Joseph's House provides temporary accommodation, support, information and orientation programs to newly arrived government assisted refugees in a friendly, supportive, and multi-cultural atmosphere. Assistance in accessing permanent housing in the community, and settlement resources.


Men's Mission and Rehabilitation Centre

459 York St.



Tel: (519)-672-8500
Fax: (519)-672-0737


The Men's Mission and Rehabilitation Centre is a 146-bed facility serving men in the community. It functions as an emergency hostel for homeless men age 16 and over, and as a residence for men who require longer term care and support. In addition to providing the traditional accommodation and meals, Men’s Mission also offers as part of its program:

  • Rehabilitation Counselling
  • Men's clothing room


Unity Project

717 Dundas St.
London, Ontario

N5W 2Z5
Tel: (519)-433-8700


  • The Unity Project provides emergency shelter and transitional housing accommodations to men and women age 18 and over, in a safe, secular, and home-like setting. The shelter is open and staffed 24 hours every day. We offer comfortable dorms for men, women and couples, and we provide a community of support where residents take responsibility for themselves, for each other, and for the functioning of the shelter. Front-line Support Staff support each resident's unique needs and personal growth with one-to-one counselling to establish, monitor and advance a personal action plan, and they facilitate processes of peer support and empowerment.


Strathroy - WRRC

145 Beech Street

N7G 1K9
Tel: (519)-246-1526

24 Hour Crises: 1-800-265-5390



  • If you are a woman 16 years of age or older, with or without children, seeking refuge from an abusive relationship, you may be able to stay in our emergency shelter for up to six weeks.  In this psychologically and physically safe place, you can get information and sort out your next steps.


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