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How To Get There From Here

5th Edition (on-line)


Section 1: Housing & Shelter

Section 2: Parental Support Programs

Section 3: Child & Youth Activities

Section 4: Food

Section 5: Children's Health

Section 6: Health and Wellness

Section 7: Legal and Financial Advice


Research & Editing:

Jacqueline Thompson

Meagen Pyper



Meagen Pyper

Adriana Fernandez De Castro

Arthur Tyndall


Graphic Design & Layout:

Meagen Pyper



Welcome to the 5th Edition of How To Get There From Here.  It is hard to believe that it has been 21 years since I started work on the first edition of this valuable community resource manual for low-income people in London.  Over the years, many new services have emerged and others have slipped quietly away with the lack of financial resources to fund their programs. 

LIFE*SPIN truly is an organization owned and operated by those we serve.  Our Board of Directors is to be commended for maintaining our mission and services throughout the past two decades, and for continuing to participate in developing new programs to meet the needs of our constituency, as defined by them directly.

Dedicated staff and core volunteers of LIFE*SPIN supported the research and review of the resources listed herein.  Donations of time and expertise made to LIFE*SPIN are critical contributions that enable us to continue to excel in providing information and assisted referrals to low-income individuals and families in London.


Maria Amelia Calle Ayala

Maureen Caissie

Robert Duff

Bob Earhart

Adriana Fernandez De Castro

Tabi Listman

Elena Orlova

Meagen Pyper

Li Qing Xu

Matt Raymond

Patricia Runciman

This edition of How To Get There From Here is intended to provide information directly to the individuals searching for resources and supports that will provide a foundation to move forward in their paths to self-sufficiency.  LIFE*SPIN is grateful to Ross Fair, the former General Manager of the Community Services Department of the City of London for supporting this on-line publication.  Thanks also to the Law Foundation of Ontario, Everest College and the Centre for Life-Long Learning for their contributions to this publication.  We would also like to acknowledge the agencies and organizations that each took time to review and edit their information postings. 

Jacqueline Thompson

Executive Director



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