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Our Dedicated Donors

A special thank you to all those who helped to keep our doors open and our garden's green.

LIFE*SPIN places a high value on the support and encouragement of our donors. Your support enables us to continue to grow as one of Canada’s most well-respected community economic development organizations. With your support we continue to adhere to our mission of providing information and supports for individuals surviving on low-income, and to support the empowerment and self-development of these individuals in their efforts to attain self-sufficiency.

Our Accountability Contract is embodied in our By-law and we believe that our accountability is essential to our continuing success.

The Better Business Bureau institutes an extensive set of standards and accountability measures for charitable organizations to manage and report their financial affairs responsibly. LIFE*SPIN adheres to these high standards, to ensure the greatest impact possible for all donations generously made to our work and you are also welcome to contact us with any questions you may have in this regard.

LIFE*SPIN is more accessible to all members of our community thanks to recent project grants from Trillium and London Community Foundation

Ontario Trillium Foundation

Proceeds to the Neighbourhood:

Garden Shed: Students from Beal Secondary School constructed a beautiful garden shed on the site using materials donated by David Tulett, Marc Corriveau Construction and Home Depot.

Trees: Reforest London helped us plant 19 heritage trees in Old East Common

Gabriele Sanio of Micro Environments provided the landscape design for Old East Common

London Community Foundation Website


Pocket-Sized Farms: The City of London donated topsoil and compost to ready the ground for planting. Youth Opportunities Unlimited and HRDC sponsored youth employment in the garden that enabled a day-camp program to run throughout the summer; keeping at-risk children involved in learning throughout the summer, and providing programming for parents who cannot afford programs while surviving on low or part-time wages. The needs of families participating were accommodated, as their critical support needs changed over the summer months. From morning Yoga to afternoon outings, this program has encouraged nutritious eating, recycling, composting, and community engagement. Funding from the May Court Club of London provided staff support, insurance, utilities and nutritious snacks for the children.

May Court Club of London

Picnic Table: Deck Con employees working on the adjacent housing initiative noticed the need for a workspace and eating-place for the children in the day camp. When they completed the deck construction job, they returned to gift the garden with a beautiful picnic table that seats at least 12 and became an integral part of the PSF program.

Fence: Home Depot agreed to come to the site before the tree-planting to erect a short fence to separate the garden from the parking lot. This assists in keeping gravel, fumes and winter driveway clearing debris from the garden. Their employees were inspired to be supportive throughout the development of this space, after a manager attended one of the community forums in 2006, when a gift card was presented on behalf of Evergreen Foundation.

Basketball Net: Raptors Foundation made a contribution toward the installation of our Basket Ball net.  In 2011, we laid a recycled rubber pad that provides a gentler surface and a quieter game.


Composter: Narcise Datura is designing a new composter at the site.  Tenants in the adjacent housing initiative will be instructed in the usage and upkeep of the facility.

Patio: Darcy DeCaluwe of Stone in Style provided the resources and skills to lay the patio that now surrounds our garden shed. The beautiful interlocking bricks are a great addition to the space. In 2011, Stone in Style returned to escavate the accessible pathways through the garden.

Collaboration for Action:
Local Business Support:

Artisan Bakery: Easter/Christmas/ & Delicious Baked Goods
Kings College- Social Justice & Peace Studies: Day Camp- Research & Planning

Fire & Iron: Mailbox hangers

Lululemon: Yoga mats
Marc Corriveau Construction: Garden Shed Foundation
Old East Community Improvement Foundation: Cameras & Water
Village Hardware: Materials
Print Studio: Printing
Manatee Video Productions: Graphics
MicroEnvironments: Architectural Landscape Design
Mountain Equipment Co-op: Plants
Dave Tulett: Garden Shed Siding

Local Organization Support:

Aeolian Hall

Beal Secondary School

Clarke Road Secondary School

London Community Foundation

London Public Library – Carson Branch & Road Show

May Court Club of London

ProBono Students Canada

RBC Foundation

Reforest London


Sunnivue Farm

Youth Opportunities Unlimited

Government Support:

Human Resources Development Canada: Summer Career Students (2007-2017)


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