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Pocket-Sized Farm

Summer Day Camp

Pocket Sized Farms Summer Camp 2017

Video of Pocket Sized Farms 2014

Day-Camp Program for Children aged 7 to 10

Program Registration Packages are now available at LIFE*SPIN

Please contact us for more information

Tel: 519-438-8676

E-mail: life@execulink.com



 "Pocket-Sized Farms" mission is to combat child hunger, improve nutrition, and create innovative educational opportunities. This will be achieved by utilizing the combined skills of children, teachers, parents, and neighbours to grow organic food gardens. These gardens will provide a stable source of food, learning, and skills development with children. 

Pocket-Sized Farms

"Bug Day" in the garden

Pocket-Sized Farms is a program that allows children to participate in the process of growing food in an organic garden located on the grounds of Old East Common, in the Old East Heritage District of London. LIFE*SPIN has offered this program in London for 21 years. It is the first of its kind in London and our curriculum is now used across Canada, the UK, and in Australia. The program emphasizes learning that is hands-on, fun, and engaging and develops nature literacy, art, community and environmental connections.

LIFE*SPIN again is welcoming children ages 7 to 10 to participate in this free program. We meet daily from July 6 to August 21. Children who are able to attend throughout the summer are provided their very own Pocket-Sized Farms plot in the garden. Mornings feature hands-on learning, including the importance of bio-diversity, how to create healthy soil and plants, and the importance of eating fresh local food. Morning activities include games, stories, art, watering, weeding, cooking, and harvesting. Our afternoons are filled with exploring our community, including nature hikes, scavenger hunts, music, pottery, swimming, movies and even an outing to a farm.

The Pocket-Sized Farms program is specifically designed to benefit children by allowing them to meet some of their own nutritional, learning and health needs. This is achieved in a setting that promotes healthy eating, learning-by-doing, teamwork, and an active lifestyle.

Pocket-Sized Farms

Namaste: Yoga in Victoria Park

"Pocket-Sized Farms" is LIFE*SPIN's nickname for small areas of property that are used to grow soft fruits, vegetables and other plants. More than just gardens, these mini-farms can become a source of healthy nutritious food, an opportunity for environmental restoration, and a well of inspiration for children, teachers, neighbours, and parents.

Small yards in the Old East Heritage District are often under-used or used for parking. These land resources can be used to enhance child nutrition, improve our health, and create ecologically rich and diverse yards.

"On the first day back to school, I forgot my lunch. So I went out to the garden and made myself a salad. I put spinach, lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers in it. It was great!"

(Grade 4 Student- Sir Issac Brock PSF)


Pocket-Sized Farms



Children: The "Pocket-Sized Farms" program is specifically designed to benefit children by allowing them to meet some of their own nutritional, learning, and health needs. This is achieved in a setting that promotes healthy eating, learning-by-doing, teamwork, and an active lifestyle.

Parents: We encourage parents to participate in this project that helps assure good health, education and nutrition for their children. We have noticed that children who grow their own fruit and vegetables are keen to experiment with foods they otherwise might not try. 

If you are interested in Pocket-Sized Farming in the Old East Heritage District, or if you would like to volunteer or take part in the program, please contact us at:

LIFE*SPIN "Pocket-Sized Farms"

866A Dundas Street

P.O. Box 2801

London, ON N6A 4H4

Tel: (519) 438-8676

Fax: (519) 438-7983

Email: life@execulink.com


"Pocket-Sized Farm" has been made possible this year with generous support from Service Canada, TD-Friends of the Environment Foundation, Youth Opportunity Unlimited, and London Community Foundation

In 1999, after several years of gardening with children in London, Ontario, LIFE*SPIN produced the Pocket-Sized Farms Kid's Garden Book. Organized around the seasons, the book is designed for children to use as members of a school garden club or in their own backyards. The children's book is part of a package of materials that LIFE*SPIN developed to encourage schools to develop productive, inspiring gardens on barren school yards. The second part of the package is a Teacher's and Parent's Guide to Organic Gardening.
The Childrens' Garden Book - Pocket-Sized Farms sells for $10 each or $8.50 each for five or more copies. The Teacher's and Parent's Guide to Organic Gardening will sell for $25 each.
Contact LIFE*SPIN (519) 438-8676 to order copies or send cheque (payable to LIFE*SPIN) to LIFESPIN, P0 Box 2801, London, ON. N6A 4H4, Canada.



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