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Pocket-Sized Farms Kid's Garden Book/Teacher's Manual


After six years of gardening with children in the London are, LIFE*SPIN has produced the Pocket-Sized Farms Kid's Garden Book.  Organized around the seasons the book is designed for children to use as members of a school garden club or in their own backyards.   The book uses two fictional characters, the Crow and the Scarecrow, in a rhyming story of important organic gardening principles.  It is intended both as a source of inspiration and a learning opportunity for children.  Evocatively illustrated by Jay Cassels, the book includes a number of journal pages to make garden notes as well as space for kids to design their own garden plan.
     The children's book is part of a package of materials that LIFE*SPIN is developing to encourage London area schools to develop productive, inspiring gardens on currently barren school yards.  We believe these spaces can be a source of healthy, organic food.  The second part of the package is a Teacher's and Parent's Guide to Organic Gardening that will be available early in the new year.   This will include organic gardening advice, a number of educational activities, and specific tips for gardening with young kids.

To order a copy of the "Pocket-Sized Farms Kid's Garden Book" and "Teacher's and Parent's Guide to Organic Gardening" click here.

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